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Top-Selling Foundational Program

Coding Your WholePower™ to Succeed

Just as each fingerprint is a unique set of ridged impressions, each person is unique, having his or her own distinct set of personal powers that leaves an impression upon the world. Coding Your WholePower™ is a transformative process that helps leaders in any industry harness their full competency and whole purpose. Everyone possesses capabilities and power that are untapped.  

The WholePower™ Approach examines the “unidentified” capacities of an individual or organization — the whole state of mind, the strengths and the weaknesses.

In pursuit of personal and professional success during a stressful era, we tend to take for granted the dormant powers that exist inside each of us — ready to be developed.

Coaching audiences and individuals to victory in business, politics, sports and in life, Courtland Warren inspires audiences to seize their full potential. His empowering interactive workshops, whether live or virtual, bring greater clarity and action to organizational efforts. Courtland Warren encourages employees of corporate and nonprofit organizations, sales and customer service staffs, and athletic teams to bring their “best self” to group initiatives.  

“It’s not ‘I barely lift a finger and give 10%, and you give 90%, and that equals 100%,’ ” says Courtland Warren. “Bring ALL of you, and your teammates bring ALL they have to the table, and together the team will prosper.” 

WholeLeadership Presentations:
To Mold Corporate & Political Leaders During Today’s Challenging Era

Elevating Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence training aims at elevating self-motivation and productivity. By understanding and managing your emotions, you create positive social interactions. Emotional intelligence is the first step in realizing your true potential. The training concentrates on self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skill, identified by behavioral science journalist Daniel Goleman as the 5 key elements of emotional intelligence.

Courtland Warren maintains that leaders with elevated emotional intelligence are prone to have more harmony with colleagues and constituents, making emotional intelligence training a crucial curriculum for corporate and community leaders aiming to carve out a more civil society.

“An emotionally intelligent leader governs with a handshake versus a clenched iron fist,” says Courtland Warren.   

Cultivating Resilience to Yield Post-Traumatic Growth

Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from whatever curveball life hurls at you. Raising the resilience quotient of individuals and organizations is critical for handling expected and unexpected changes and/or crises in the marketplace and the worldspace. As it turns out, resilience is a learned skill, and it can be cultivated and strengthened. When they experience adversity and unprecedented challenges, some people never recover. Others use these difficult circumstances as pivotal platforms to grow and excel. Cultivating resilience makes the difference in ability to cope, persevere and experience post-traumatic growth in the wake of life-altering losses or failures. Courtland Warren’s courage-building presentation fuels optimism and the stamina to bravely “grasp the bull by the horns” in order to recover, restructure and rebuild.  

Overcoming Perception Biases

Perception bias programs are designed to expose employees, managers and global leaders to their implicit biases, provide tools to adjust automatic patterns of thinking, and ultimately eliminate discriminatory behaviors. Implicit biases are learned stereotypes that are unconscious or automatic, seemingly associative, unintentional, deeply rooted, universal and able to adversely influence organizational behavior. In this powerful program, Courtland Warren provides thought-challenging exercises to help shift unconscious biases and examine inaccurate assessments of other people, based on factors such as gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and body type.   

Embracing Diversity & Inclusion

The embrace of diversity and inclusion is essential to achieve a successful business model. As an internationally sought-after presenter on diversity, inclusion and bias, Courtland Warren methodically sculpted a program designed to facilitate positive intergroup interaction, reduce prejudice and discrimination and teach individuals who are different from others how to work together effectively. The program enables employees to become more comfortable with concepts such as unconscious bias at work and cultural competency to create more inclusive and harmonious workplaces. At the conclusion of the presentation, corporate teams will unite with a firm grip on how to combine ideas and forces with diverse groups to yield results that strengthen the organization.

Mastering Empathy & Authentic Communication

Empathetic communication plays an important role in creating an authentic environment within corporations or political parties. In general, being empathic means being able to step into someone else’s shoes with the intention of truly understanding what they may be experiencing (but not necessarily taking their side). A corporate or political leader who is skilled in empathetic and authentic communication has an unmatched advantage that leads to customer or voter loyalty and appreciation. This interactive presentation is filled with drills to boost compassionate communication skills. It is popular as an individual coaching series for entrepreneurs, sales representatives, corporate presenters, political candidates or anyone who leads, competes or presents in front of large audiences. “An empathetic communicator will have audiences in the palm of their hand,” says Courtland Warren.   

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