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PrintCoding Your WholePower™ to Succeed

Just as each fingerprint is a unique set of ridged impressions, each person is unique, having their own distinct set of personal powers that leave an impression upon the world.  Coding Your WholePower™ is a transformative process that helps people understand their full competency and whole purpose.  Everyone possesses more capabilities and power than they have tapped into.  The WholePower™ approach examines the ‘unidentified’ capacities of a human being, the whole state-of-mind, the dreams and aspirations, the strengths and the weaknesses.  In pursuit of personal and professional success, we tend to take for granted the dormant powers that exist inside each of us─ready to be developed.  In a keynote speaker capacity, Courtland Warren engages audiences to stand up and reach high─to seize their full potential.

PrintBringing your WholeSelf to a Team Effort

Focusing on how individuals can best work with others, Courtland Warren invites audiences to explore ways to incorporate their ‘wholeself’ into a greater team or community effort.  He encourages employees of corporate and nonprofit organizations, including sales and customer service staffs, to become enthusiastic ‘team players’ and to bring their ‘best self’ to group initiatives.  “It’s not ‘I barely lift a finger and give 10%, and you give 90%, and that equals 100%,’  ” says Courtland Warren.  “Bring ALL of you, and your team mates bring ALL they have to the table, and together the team will prosper.”  WholeSelf is never an arrogant or egotistical self, teaches Courtland.  “Some people develop calluses from patting themselves on their own back.  It’s about congratulating each other on a joint-effort.”

PrintConquering Fear to Step into your WholeSpotlight

Whether it’s the conquest of rising up the corporate ladder in a leadership position, competing in sports, or winning over an audience, we all get sweaty palms when the spotlight shines our way.  The truth is, we all question if we’re “good enough” to be the center of attention.  Coaching audiences and individuals to victory in sports, business, and life, Courtland Warren inspires the self-assurance that it takes to excel in the limelight.  This interactive presentation is filled with drills to boost confidence, and is popular as an individual coaching series for athletes, entrepreneurs, corporate presenters, political candidates, or anyone who leads, competes or presents in front of large audiences.

PrintCoding your Team to a WholeVision to reap a WholeWin

In this powerful program, Courtland Warren provides team-building exercises that help managers analyze the entire team as a whole entity.  Every employee is a crucial part of the corporate or community structure.  Courtland believes that teaching team members to recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and to diplomatically leverage different skill sets is the key to excellence.  Hand-in-hand, as one unit, participants will learn to combine abilities, resulting in greater knowledge and impact.  Courtland Warren maintains that managers need not rule with an iron fist in order to reap group synergy.  At the conclusion of the presentation, your corporate team will unite with a firm grip on how to combine ideas and forces, to yield results that strengthen your organization.

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