It’s not just about one day or one week out of your life, Courtland Warren specializes in WholeLife development.

What do you want from your life? WholeLife Coach Courtland Warren helps with every step of the life fulfilment journey through one-on-one sessions that are anchored in transparency and individuality.

Clients become comfortable expressing their uniqueness with an in-depth questionnaire that’s tailored to the individual. Each customized coaching project is designed to pinpoint characteristics particular to each person which makes them powerful.

Candid and confidential sessions are designed to tackle work & whole life balance; self-esteem and loss of personal motivation; physical fitness pursuits; money and financial security; and career and interpersonal challenges.

PrintUnique WholeLife Questionnaire sets the stage for transparent life-transformation sessions.

PrintTwo-hour coaching sessions by phone/Skype – at $250 an hour, with a two-hour minimum. Popular sessions are two to ten week programs consisting of one coaching call per week, based upon need.

PrintOngoing support to track the WholeSum of your progress.

The strategies to achieve WholeLife Success are as precise as the prints on your 10 fingers.

  1. Pinpoint your unique goals.
  2. Bring your WholeSelf to consulting sessions.
  3. Be transparent about your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Stretch to unimagined lengths in order to reach your WholePower.
  5. Loosen your grip on excuses that could hold you back.
  6. Clap for yourself; become your own cheerleader.
  7. Stay focused. Reach for the WholeWin and not just a small part of it.
  8. Evaluate or “read the palms” of your whole village. Surround yourself with positive motivators. Let go of relationships that handcuff your potential.
  9. Get a handle on your accountability in designing your whole destiny.
  10. Push open new doors. Do not stay in one place. Constantly develop and grow.

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