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Mr. Warren is one of a very small handful of people that I look to as a mentor. His integrity, insight, and compassion are the characteristics I admire most when I think of Mr. Warren as a man, a leader, a husband, and a father.

Patrick Gibbons
Patrick Gibbons Handmade, Inc.

Barbara Johnson

Thank you. Those are simple words when stated sincerely and genuinely fit better than any others. As a career educator, I know the joy of seeing a student excel. And so THANK YOU! We at Idabel public schools and the Idabel community at large are proud of the difference you are making in the world through your speaking and training.

Barbara Johnson
Assistant Principal
Idabel High School


I’ve heard Courtland deliver relevant, moving and entertaining courses not just once or twice, but several times. I have observed well his consistency and predictable professionalism. My employees, clients, family, friends and me are better in all areas of life and we attribute much to the influence and inspiration of the philosophy of emotional intelligence and WholePower that Courtland teaches.

Rick Robins
CEO/Director of Clinical Research
Trialogic, Inc


I highly recommend Courtland Warren; he is one of the best Public Speakers that I have heard. Our organization sponsors a Postmasters National Banquet annually. Knowing the incredible speaking abilities of Courtland Warren I knew he would be the perfect person for the task. Courtland Warren is powerful, dynamic, and a breath of fresh air, that can capture the attention any group.

Regina Nolen
Wright City, Ok

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