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On stage Courtland Warren looms as an intriguing combination of a humbly candid yet confident man. Warren’s inner-certitude stems from contentment in finding his whole purpose─coaching and motivating others to become the most that they can be. As the founder of Code Your WholePower™, Courtland Warren heads an organization that pulls forth those characteristics particular to each person that makes them powerful. Through speaker series, workshops, seminars, and individual coaching sessions he helps people code a personal stamp of excellence.

Just as each fingerprint is a distinct set of ridged impressions, each person is unique, with their own distinct set of personal powers that leave an impression upon the world. The inventive WholePower™ approach examines the entire ‘unidentified’ essence of a human being, the whole state-of-mind, the dreams and aspirations, the strengths and the weaknesses.

Courtland believes that everyone possesses far more capabilities and power than they have tapped into. “Code Your WholePower™ is a transformative way of helping people understand their full competency,” says Courtland. “Now more than ever, it’s imperative to identify who you are and what you bring to the table, or you risk being left behind. More tragically, you risk being irrelevant.”

Code Your WholePower™ was established after a decade of addressing hundreds of audiences, as a public speaker for the oldest personal development company in the U.S. “The most underdeveloped resource in the world is the mind of human beings. We fear making changes that lead to personal power. Most people never actually reach their full potential or harness their WholePower. They die without ever knowing how great they are and what they’re capable of accomplishing and contributing. I believe it’s possible to change this,” says Courtland.

Courtland’s personal path to finding his WholePower was, by his own admission, one of humility. He often shares his inspiring journey of self-empowerment with audiences, in the refreshingly frank and vulnerable fashion that he’s applauded for. Following his parent’s divorce, his father was not a presence in the home after Courtland turned five. Though absent, his father had high hopes for his son and the foresight to give him a regal first name–that of the highest performing academic and athletic star of the neighborhood, someone he idolized from afar. Feeling like a commoner that had been saddled with a pedigreed name, young Courtland set out to live up to his lofty moniker. “With a name like this, people expect big things!”

He spent his entire life in pursuit of excellence: the honor roll for academic achievement; plaques and trophies for various sports; and then on to Oklahoma State University─all to impress an absent father. “After all of the accolades, I looked up one day to realize that my father wasn’t looking,” says Courtland. “You have to fulfil your whole destiny for you, not because you hope that someone is watching.”

A village of nurturers, including Courtland’s mother, who was an educator, fostered a sense of compassion and the capacity to lead and teach people from all walks of life. Toastmasters further awakened the hibernating voice within. After winning the Oklahoma Toastmasters Championship, Courtland’s lifelong calling began to materialize.

Self-Mastery, or what Courtland calls the “Mastery of WholeSelf,” is the backbone of his winning messages. Specifically, the Code Your WholePower™ speeches are designed to inspire and help audiences capitalize on all their core competencies in order to live up to their immense individual potential.

“Coding Your WholePower™ to Succeed “, “Bringing your WholeSelf to a Team Effort”, “Conquering Fear to Step into your WholeSpotlight”, and “Coding your Team to a WholeVision to reap a WholeWin” are Courtland’s most popular speech topics. He is highly sought-after by audiences of all ages─from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits agencies, schools and universities, and sports teams.

Hands-down, Courtland Warren is one of the most authentic and relevant motivators on the public speaking circuit. “I aim to leave my thumbprint on the destiny of every person that I touch.”

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